Clear by Design. From organizing content on the web to elegantly presenting your ideas through digital media. MediaPlant builds solutions that simplify complex ideas and information systems. We specialize in creating tools for teams to share, manage, and distribute business-critical knowledge that help our clients win.


Our Design and Tech Capabilities


Our design team specializes in creating unique and memorable graphic approaches to complex content, from infographics to intuitive site navigation functionality.

We design, architect and build internal and externally-facing websites for a variety of businesses and business needs.

MediaPlant has been working with Microsoft SharePoint since the first release and helps clients - including many within Microsoft itself - develop, manage and migrate sites.

Rich Media
We make strategic use of design, illustration, video and interactivity to create compelling marketing, sales, training and communication materials.

Interactive Training
MediaPlant has a specialized practice in creating SCORM-based interactive training (online/offline) to help employees master complex new concepts.


What We Do


Let us help you think or re-think your site design from the ground up to assure optimum performance now and smooth scalability later.

Work with our managed project teams for seamless end-to-end production, coding, testing, and deployment.


MediaPlant helps clients succeed by design, from brand implementation to bold and unexpected infographics.

We support and manage site technology and content, including migrations, freeing clients to get down to business.



Here are a few ways our technical, design and content capabilities blend to provide complete solutions for our clients.

Manage Team Collaboration
We have used SharePoint to create custom team portals with a variety of specialized capabilities, including unique UX designs to simplify search, tagging and content discovery; role-based access control; automated and rule-based content management and more.

Make Sure Your Content Lands
If you are responsible for supporting field sales and operational personnel, we can help you deliver your content and make sure it sinks in. We’ve turned sales brochures, program roll-outs and other readiness materials into engaging interactive courseware that test and certify mastery of the subject matter.

Show, Don’t Tell
Our designers have created compelling information graphics and motion graphic animations to depict abstract and technical concepts such as cloud migration, data center virtualization, remote team collaboration, and even a roadmap to the future of information work.

Create a Community
We’ve worked with clients from large corporations to shoestring startups to build engaging community-based websites that enable content sharing, collaboration, e-commerce, connection with social networks and exciting real-time interaction with live events.